Why Threads of Change?

Thank you so much for visiting our website! My name is Florence and I have just finished my first year studying French and Italian at Durham university. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, the last week of my 2nd term and the entirety of my 3rd term at Durham was moved online so I have, like many others, moved back home and struggled to fill my time! I decided that I wanted to donate the money that I saved from the last week of 2nd term being cancelled to the NHS and although I knew that this was a kind gesture I wanted to take it further. Instead, I decided that I wanted to invest this money, with the aim of doubling my donation. Customised clothing has become extremely popular over the last few months and at the beginning of lockdown I personalised my favourite pair of jeans and thus the idea for 'Threads of Change' was born. Over the last few weeks I have been creating and selling stylish hand-embroidered clothing and accessories with the profits being donated to charities, starting off with the NHS and Alzheimer's Society. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @threads_of_change_ and spread the word! I would love to be able to say that I was able to do some good and support these charities during such strange times so I would be so grateful if you could purchase one of my items!

Flo xx